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The Psychology of Accidents by Mark Powell

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Deco for Divers provides a comprehensive overview of the principles underlying decompression theory and physiology. Mark Powell has written a book that for the first time allows the average diver to fully understand the principles behind this fascinating and critical aspect of diving. At Eurotek 2012 Mark will go deeper intothe subject of diving accidents that will be an advantage to technical divers visiting Eurotek.

2012 presentation

Details of Presentation:
Many of the accidents that occur in diving are avoidable and yet they keep happening. This is a very different situation to the early days of technical diving where there was very little information available. In those early days accident analysis was a key tool in finding out the ways to avoid accidents. However we are now in a different phase of technical diving. We all know the rules about scrubber durations, oxygen toxicity, gas planning, calling the dive, etc. All of this information is inclued in tech diving courses, it's available in several books or on the internet. Yet the same type of avoidable diving accidents continue to occur. Why is this? In this talk Mark discuss's how psychological aspects of behaviour can be shown to be a major cause of these accidents. Perception, biases, overconfidence and complacency all play as much of a part in diving accidents as the physiology of carbon dioxide or the design of a rebreather. He looks at why these accidents occur and most importantly what we can do to try and reduce the likelihood of them happening again. The presentation will use a combination of real accident analysis and practical demonstrations that will show clearly how people's perceptions and behaviour are affected by these psychological factors.
This is a new presentation and is a first for Eurotek 2012 and is a summary of the work he has been doing for a forthcoming book. As such it has never been seen before and he believes this approach to accidents has never been considered in this way by anyone else.

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