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EuroTek Presenter
Jarrod Jablonski

Jarrod Jablonski is widely regarded as one of the world’s most capable and talented exploration divers at the cutting edge of extreme exploration. Better known, perhaps, in his role as Training Director for the WKPP Woodville Karst Plain Project, (an on-going exploration of the limestone cave systems that lie beneath the water-table in South Florida), Jarrod has also served as the Training Director for the National Association of Cave Diving; He has been a Board
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member for both the NACD and NSS-CDS; and sits on the Training Committee for the National Speleological Society cave diving section. Jarrod is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in English and Geology; the President and C.E.O. of dive equipment companies, Halcyon Manufacturing and Extreme Exposure; and the President and founder of, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), a non-profit research, exploration and education organisation whose technical diver training programmes - from entry level through to advanced exploration - are setting new standards of proficiency.
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As Project Leader and Dive Leader for numerous domestic and international research assignments, (with several thousand dives focusing on long range, deep exploration activities) he has performed many hundreds of extreme exposures utilising mixed gases, stage decompression, rebreathers, and underwater propulsion vehicles, and holds the dual records for the world’s longest and deepest cave diving penetrations, a staggering underwater distance of 18,000 feet at a depth of 300 feet, established in 1998 together with, WKPP project director, George Irvine.
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B.A. University of Florida English, 1991
B.A. University of Florida Geology, 1994

President and Founder, Global Underwater Explorers, 1998 – present
Director of Training, Global Underwater Explorers, 1998 - present
Board of Directors, Global Underwater Explorers, 1998 - present
Chief Executive Officer, Halcyon Manufacturing, 2000 - present
Chief Executive Officer, Extreme Exposure, 1998 – present
Board Member, Florida Speleological Researchers, Inc., 1998-2002
Board Member, National Association of Cave Diving, 1995-1998
Board Member, National Speleological Society, 1996-1998
Advisory Board, IANTD, 1996-1998
Training Director, Woodville Karst Plain Project, 1996 - present
Training Director, National Association of Cave Diving, 1997
Training Committee Member, National Speleological Society-CDS, 1995 -1997
Research Diver, University of Florida Geology Department, 1993-1996
Research Diver, University of Wyoming Geology Department, 1996-1998
Project Leader:
1995, 1996 Karst Dive (Turkey)
1999 Britannic Expedition
2000 Brazilian Cave Expedition
2002 Baltic Sea Expedition
2005 Portofino, Italy Expedition
2005 Navik, Norway Expedition
2005, 2006 Akumal, Mexico Expedition

Diving Qualifications
Cave Instructor Trainer GUE, NSS-CDS, NACD, IANTD
Trimix Instructor Trainer GUE, TDI, IANTD
Rebreather Instructor Trainer GUE, IANTD, TDI
Open Water Instructor NAUI, YMCA, CMAS, PADI, PDIC
Recovery Diver NSS-CDS

Summary of Diving Experience
5000+ Dives
1500+ Dives utilizing stage decompression techniques
1500+ Dives utilizing specially mixed gases
1000+ Dives utilizing Diver Propulsion Vehicles
500+ Deep, exploration cave dives
500+ Hours of rebreather experience
Several dozen world record cave dives with immersions in excess of 26 hours including:
- World’s longest cave penetration - 26,000 feet
- Longest cave penetration at depth - 24,000 feet at 300 feet
- Twelve hours bottom time; 17 hours decompression; total nearly 30 hours
- World’s longest traverse cave traverse

Jarrod Jablonski is a fellow international member of the Explorers Club
Explorers Club Flag

Several Dozen publications including books, magazine articles, documentaries and DVD’s
Books: Doing it Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving, GUE, 2000
Beyond the Daylight Zone, GUE, 2003
Getting Clear on the Basics: The Fundamentals of Technical Diving: GUE
For more information on Jarrods achievements as well as the entire WKPP team & GUE exploration see these links
http://www.wkpp.org & http://gue.com/?q=en/Projects/WKPP/index.html

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