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Chris Jewell Eurotek Presenter 2012
chris jewell Chris Jewell is an exploratory caver and cave diver who has been able to explore new cave in the UK and abroad. He dives in a wide range of caves using different techniques. Everything from side mounting small cylinders to long rebreather dives – whatever it takes to explore the cave.

He has been giving lectures on his caving exploits since 2005 at various events and has recently started to make short films about his adventures, taking his video camera where no one has taken one before and filming live exploration.

Chris's 2012 Presentation :-
"All sorts and whatever it takes - Cave Diving Exploration"

From Zero-vis underwater caving to chest mounted rebreathers at -100m the nature of cave diving exploration means continually adapting to meet whatever challenges you come across. Over the last 6 years Chris Jewell’s exploration has had him squeezing through tiny muddy underwater holes in Somerset, digging underwater in the Yorkshire Dales, developing several various sized rebreathers, leading a cave diving expedition to Spain and spending many hours underwater with good friends all in the pursuit of cave exploration.
Drawing on experiences and finds in several UK caves as well as leading an expedition to Northern Spain and recent rebreather dives in the Pyrenees this talk draws together various strands of underwater cave exploration. Illustrated with video which has become a major part of his cave diving Chris shows people what it's really like to be involved with this sort of diving whilst providing some entertainment and telling some good stories!

Above:- Cave diver Chris Jewell cave diving (photo by Stu Gardiner)

Above:- Artur Kozlowski in Fou de Bor during our 2011 exploration (photo by Chris Jewell)

Above:- Adrian Hall during the exploration of Cueva Culiembro
(Photo by Mike Bottomley) on an expedition organised by Chris Jewell

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