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Eurotek 2010 Presentation
'Baltic Ghostships'

Discovery's of amazing shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea

By Carl Douglas
Note:- The New book entitled 'Baltic Ghostships' with amazint shipwreck images by Jonas Dahm will be available at Eurotek.
"It has been called "one of the best kept secrets of the diving world" ... perhaps as many as one hundred thousand wrecks of all descriptions. The Baltic Sea is a treasure trove of historically interesting and well-preserved wrecks. Some have foundered on the many rocks and shoals of the difficult Baltic Sea, some have been sunk in the many conflicts that have plagued the area while others have just sunk in bad weather. What unites them is the amazing state of preservation. They are literally time-capsules and diving them is truly like visiting another era. Everything from wooden ships of the 1600's to battle cruisers and submarines to the scores of unheralded merchantmen.
In this talk Carl will try to show some of the teams discoveries in the past decade - as well as some wrecks found by other divers."

Above:- A view inside one of the amazingly well preserved Baltic shipwrecks Photo by Jonas Dahm
About Carl Douglas
Carl Douglas is co-founder of Deep Sea Productions, a Swedish documentary film production and book publishing company. What drives both Carl and Deep Sea Productions is a passion for investigating the unsolved mysteries of the sea. Since 1997, Carl and Deep Sea Productions have been leading a project with Sweden’s largest private marine survey company, MMT, to discover and document the numerous historical wrecks that are found in the Baltic Sea. To date they have discovered well over a hundred wrecks.
In 2007 he led the diving and underwater filming of Deep Sea Productions’ largest documentary film project thus far – the 8 part ’Wreck Divers’ series for Swedish and Finnish National Television.

More Information:-

For those of you that attended Eurotek 2010 and saw Carl Douglas’s talk on Baltic Shipwrecks but couldn’t get a copy of the book containing most of the fabulous images he showed (like Vic) it is available here:

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