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“Cave Diving in Australasia - Some Recent Discoveries”
By Ken Smith for Eurotek 2012
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ken smith Most of the cave diving in Australia takes place in accessible areas like Mt Gambier. However, a few intrepid individuals have made the effort to search for new caves, and push the limits of cave diving, in some of the more remote areas of Australia and New Zealand. This talk describes some interesting discoveries made the last few years. The caves described include;

• The Ningbing Ranges and the rediscovery and mapping of Kija Blue Sinkhole in the tropical North of Western Australia.
• Cocklebiddy Cave on the Nullarbor Plain - The most recent push.
• Mt Hypipamee Crater - A deep volcanic crater in tropical Queensland.
• The Pearse Resurgence - Cold water and great depth in the Mt Arthur Ranges of New Zealand.
• A newly discovered cave on the Roe Plain - Four kilometres of passage has been discovered so far and the cave is not yet named.
Each of these sites presents its own challenges in terms of remoteness, dangerous animals, heat, cold, depth and hard physical work. The ways in which these challenges were met are described and the diverse beauty of the caves is presented.

Above:- Moving a habitat into position at the Pearse Resurgence New Zealand.

Above:- Diver descends into Kija Blue Sinkhole in the tropical North of Western Australia.

Above:- Kija Blue Sinkhole in the tropical North of Western Australia.

ken smith with radio equipment
Ken Smith in radio contact with divers inside cocklbiddy cave directly below the
Nullarbor desert in Australia photo copyright Leigh Bishop 2009

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